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A Moment to Reset with Vici Williams

Co-founder of Mindfulness Cornwall teaches us how to create a window of calm in our days.

With many of us leading incredibly busy lives, where we are often planning for the future or reflecting on the past, it’s never been more important to pause and come back into the present moment: to appreciate the seemingly small aspects of our lives that can often be missed.  

A wonderful way to renew our calm and energy is by practicing mindfulness. It’s an ancient technique that simply encourages paying attention to the present moment, as hard as that can seem sometimes. 

There are lots of different ways you can bring a little mindfulness into your life. Whether it’s exploring a formal practice or through simple everyday things such as enjoying a walk and connecting to the world around you, or paying full attention to drinking your cup of tea.

Mindfulness practitioner and trainer, Vici Williams has been practicing mindfulness for 25 years and teaching it for over 15 years. Vici co-founded Mindfulness Cornwall in 2011 to make mindfulness accessible to all. She also supervises and trains mindfulness teachers through universities and The Mindfulness Network. 

In this video, Vici guides us through a short mindfulness practice to support reconnecting with your body and your breath.  

Vici says…

Mindfulness is central to me personally in my life and I am hugely grateful to be able to pass it on to the community. 

Mindfulness is described as a ‘way of being’. It can support us in the fullness of our lives, enriching our wellbeing by enabling us to feel connected and at ease and giving us kinder and more responsive ways to work with the stress and challenges that we experience. 

We all spend much of our time distracted and busy. Even when we are ‘relaxing’, we may well notice our thinking minds are still very active, going over things, planning for what’s to come. This is normal and natural for us all and what we are working with in our mindfulness practice. 

We’re not looking to ‘not think’ or necessarily to relax, but rather to gently bring ourselves back into present moment awareness. 

It is really important that we take care of ourselves and our wellbeing. Explore using your senses as supports in connecting to the present moment. Look at the view, listen to the birds, feel the wind, smell the sea air, taste your cup of tea. 

Choose an everyday activity, like washing-up, brushing your teeth or walking the dog, and bring your full attention to it. Notice how it is to do this with awareness. Bring an open mind and patience to the experience and see what you discover. 

Interested in going a little deeper? Vici recommends exploring the work of Jon Kabat Zinn, the Centre for Mindfulness Practice and Research, and the Oxford Mindfulness Centre for more meditations and ways to practice mindfulness.  

Our blog is also full of helpful wellbeing content. Browse to discover soothing soundscapes, nourishing recipes and mindful activities.

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