Women’s warm jumpers made from merino and wool-rich blends. Choose colourful Fair Isle styles, a thick and cosy women's jumper in rich coastal colours or a cable knit jumper inspired by the traditional styles worn by Cornish fishermen. Made to last in the finest natural yarn blends, find your favourite jumper to love and wear year after year.

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  1. Percella Cove Fair Isle Jumper
  2. Lily Bell Mohair Blend Jumper
  3. Seas Edge Jumper Image
    Seas Edge Jumper
    £85.95 £85.95
  4. Derowen Intarsia Knit Flower Jumper Model Image
  5. Trevorrow Jumper
    Trevorrow Jumper
    £65.95 £65.95
  6. Glass Stem Sparkly Roll Neck Jumper Model Image
  7. Fruity Jumper
    Fruity Jumper
    £65.95 £65.95  -  £67.95
  8. Makers Cotton Jumper
    Makers Cotton Jumper
    £59.95 £59.95
  9. Braque Lambswool Jumper
    Braque Lambswool Jumper
    £69.95 £69.95  -  £72.95
  10. Hendra Lane  V-Neck Jumper Image
    Hendra Lane V-Neck Jumper
    £65.95 £39.95  -  £45.95
  11. Buck's Horn Jumper Image
    Buck's Horn Jumper
    £85.95 £85.95
  12. Camber Rocks Jumper
    Camber Rocks Jumper
    £85.95 £85.95
  13. Entwine Roll Neck Jumper Model Image
  14. Berlewen Fair Isle Jumper Image
  15. Tressa Cable Knit Jumper Model Image
  16. Polurrian Cove Jumper Model Image
  17. Lemon Porch Fair Isle Jumper Model Image
  18. Jetty Reach Striped Jumper Model Image
  19. Shormer Organic Cotton Fair Isle  Jumper Image
  20. Knavock Jumper Image
    Knavock Striped Jumper
    £42.95 £65.00
  21. St Leven Jumper Model Image
    St Leven Jumper
    £47.50 £79.95
  22. Winder House Cotton Blend Floral Jumper Model Image
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22 Items

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