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Timeless menswear in classic colours and durable, natural fabric blends. Inspired by coastal living, our men's clothing includes waterproof coats and versatile overshirts, durable cord shirts and classic trousers.
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  1. Men's Tollgate Jacket
    Men's Tollgate Jacket
    €140.00 €140.00
  2. Men's Sailor Shirt With Crew Neck (GOTS) Model Image
  3. Men's Tidesman Waterproof Coat
  4. Men's Bizen Jumper
    Men's Bizen Jumper
    €135.00 €135.00
  5. Men's Trelew Smock
    Men's Trelew Smock
    €115.00 €115.00  -  €120.00
  6. Men's Shoreman Cord Shirt
    Men's Shoreman Cord Shirt
    €115.00 €115.00
  7. Men's Jackline Waffle Jersey Top Model Image
  8. Men's Gunwalloe Cable Knit Scarf Model Image
  9. Men's Fitcher Knitted Jumper Model Image
    Men's Fitcher Knitted Jumper
    €130.00 €130.00
  10. Men's Drafting Fingerless Gloves
  11. Men's Rowan Tree Hat
    Men's Rowan Tree Hat
    €42.00 €42.00
  12. Men's Sailing Time Lightweight Waterproof Jacket
  13. Men's Moorstone Knitted Organic Cotton Jumper (GOTS) Model Image
  14. Men's Very Clever Touchscreen Gloves
  15. Men's Freeboard Rib Beanie Hat Model Image
  16. Men's First Mist Suede Moccasin Slipper Model Image
  17. Men's Chy Ridge Checked Pyjama Bottoms Image
  18. Northaway Men's Fair Isle Fleece Lined Slipper Boots
  19. Men's Tin Coast Waterproof 3 in 1 Coat
  20. Men's Stone Wave Waterproof Coat Model Image
  21. Men's Plantsman Cord Blazer Model Image
    Men's Plantsman Cord Blazer
    €155.00 €155.00
  22. Men's Driftoak Hat
    Men's Driftoak Hat
    €42.00 €42.00
  23. Men's Coxswain Cable Knit Jumper Model Image
  24. Men's Midwatch Organic Cotton T-Shirt
    Men's Midwatch Organic Cotton T-Shirt
    €35.00 €28.00  -  €42.00
  25. Men's Foresting Lambswool Jumper
  26. Men's Organic Cotton Metern Waistcoat Image
  27. Men's Polventon Fair Isle Jumper
  28. Men's Cleer Lambswool Blend Cardigan Model Image
  29. Men's Ropemaker Waffle Cord Overshirt Model Image
  30. Men's Cannis Cord Shirt
    Men's Cannis Cord Shirt
    €115.00 €115.00
  31. Men's Halyard Fair Isle Jumper Model Image
  32. Men's Folyer Borg Fleece Gilet Model Image
  33. Men's Boatswain Lambswool Blend Jumper Model Image
  34. Men's Havener Fleece-Lined Deck Jacket Model Image
  35. Men's Fathomer Checked Shirt
  36. Men's Channel Wool Blend Coat Model Image
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Items 1-36 of 77

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Set Descending Direction