Seasalt Sock Gifts

Super soft Seasalt socks in breathable bamboo-derived viscose and cotton make the perfect gift. Choose giftboxes or single socks for men and women in new bold colours, fun prints and signature stripes every season.

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  1. Gift Box of 4 Women's Sailor Socks
  2. Box of 7 Women's Lightweight Sailor Socks
  3. Men's Fair Isle Socks
    Men's Fair Isle Socks
    €12.00 €24.00
  4. Women's High Mast Long Socks
  5. Women's Sailor Socks
    Women's Sailor Socks
    €12.00 €12.00
  6. Women's Postcard Organic Cotton Socks Image
  7. Men's Box O' Socks Image
  8. Box of 4 Men's Postcard Socks
  9. Women's Arty Socks
    Women's Arty Socks
    €12.00 €12.00
  10. Box of 7 Women's Sailor Socks
  11. Men's Bloomin Good Socks
    Men's Bloomin Good Socks
    €17.00 €17.00
  12. Women's Bloomin Good Socks
  13. Men's Step Into The Blue Socks Box Of 4
  14. Men's Arty Organic Cotton Socks
  15. Box of 7 Women's Blueprint Socks
  16. Men's Sailor Socks
    Men's Sailor Socks
    €12.00 €12.00
  17. Women's Everyday Socks
    Women's Everyday Socks
    €12.00 €12.00
  18. Women's Arty Organic Cotton Socks
  19. Men's Bamboo Arty Socks Model Image
    Men's Arty Socks
    €12.00 €12.00
  20. Women's Arty Trainer Socks
  21. Women's Arty Trainer Socks Image
  22. Women's Everyday Trainer Socks
  23. Women's Everyday Liner Socks Pack Of 3
  24. Men's Sailor Trainer Socks
  25. Men's Everyday Socks Model Image
    Men's Everyday Socks
    €12.00 €12.00
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25 Items

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