Men's New Arrivals

Discover our latest men’s clothes and accessories, hardworking jackets, waterproof coats and smocks. Timeless pieces that are made to last, inspired by the practical workwear of fishermen and artists.

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  1. Men's Thresher Knitted Cardigan Model Image
  2. Men's Hawser Denim Overshirt Image
  3. Men's Helmsman Trouser Image
    Men's Helmsman Trouser
    £79.95 £79.95
  4. Men's Midshipman Cord Trousers Model Image
  5. Men's Long Hundred Fleece
  6. Men's Daver Shawl Neck Jumper Model Image
  7. Men's Rockling Wool Blend Jacket Model Image
  8. Men's Steersman Organic Cotton Straight Leg Jeans Image
  9. Men's Folyer Borg Fleece Gilet Model Image
  10. Men's Mainbrace Organic Cotton V-Neck Jumper Model Image
  11. Men's Cleer Lambswool Blend Cardigan Model Image
  12. Men's Aboard Lambswool Blend Jumper Model Image
  13. Men's Anchor Home Jacket Image
  14. Men's Ripstop Organic Cotton Fortune Shirt
  15. Men's Boatswain Lambswool Blend Jumper Model Image
  16. Men's Callaminks Birdseye Knit Jumper Model Image
  17. Men's Tope Jumper
    Men's Tope Jumper
    £99.95 £99.95
  18. Men's Watchman Selvedge Tapered Jeans
  19. Men's Bilander Jacket
    Men's Bilander Jacket
    £85.95 £85.95
  20. Men's Cabin Socks
    Men's Cabin Socks
    £12.95 £12.95
  21. Men's Bamboo Arty Socks Model Image
    Men's Arty Socks
    £7.95 £7.95
  22. Men's Short Fluffies Socks
  23. Men's Arty Socks Image
  24. Men's Sailor Socks Model Image
    Men's Sailor Socks
    £7.95 £7.95
  25. Men's Box O' Socks Image
  26. Men's Bloomin Good Socks
  27. Men's Postcard Socks Box O'4 Image
  28. Men's House Socks Image
    Men's House Socks
    £27.95 £27.95
  29. Gift Box of Men's Sailor Socks
  30. Men's Ley Lines Socks
    Men's Ley Lines Socks
    £12.00 £12.00
  31. Men's Tackle Box of 2 Trunks
  32. Box of 4 Men's Socks Selection Pack
  33. Northaway Men's Fair Isle Fleece Lined Slipper Boots
  34. Gift Box of Men's Fluffies Socks
  35. Box of 4 Men's Fisherman's Feet Socks
  36. Men's Gunvor Fair Isle Fingerless Gloves Model Image
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Items 37-72 of 100

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