Men's Tops & T-shirts

Classic men's tops made with breathable, long-lasting fabrics. Browse the collection and choose from men's Breton tops, artist-designed prints or plain colours inspired by Cornwall's landscape. Pair an organic cotton t-shirt with shorts for effortless days, or choose a men's striped t-shirt in easy-to-wear colours anchored in our maritime heritage.

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  1. Men's Curator Linen Shirt
    Men's Curator Linen Shirt
    €98.00 €98.00
  2. Men's Midwatch Organic Cotton T-Shirt
    Men's Midwatch Organic Cotton T-Shirt
    €35.00 €25.00  -  €42.00
  3. Men's Lofty Short Sleeve Linen Shirt Image
  4. Men's Sailor Shirt With Crew Neck (GOTS) Model Image
  5. Men's Shoreman Cord Shirt
    Men's Shoreman Cord Shirt
    €115.00 €115.00
  6. Men's Fathomer Checked Shirt
  7. Men's Cannis Cord Shirt
    Men's Cannis Cord Shirt
    €115.00 €115.00
  8. Men's Trelew Smock
    Men's Trelew Smock
    €115.00 €115.00  -  €120.00
  9. Men's Hawser Denim Overshirt Image
    Men's Hawser Denim Overshirt
    €120.00 €120.00
  10. Men's Ripstop Organic Cotton Fortune Shirt
  11. Men's Jackline Waffle Jersey Top Model Image
  12. Men's Ayre Organic Cotton Shirt
  13. Men's Chandlery Flannel Overshirt Model Image
  14. Men's Sailor Shirt (GOTS)
    Men's Sailor Shirt (GOTS)
    €42.00 €42.00
  15. Men's Seven Seas Sailor Tee (GOTS)
  16. Men's Organic Cotton Thomas Street Shirt Image
  17. Men's Artist's Linen Shirt
  18. Men's Long Hundred Fleece
    Men's Long Hundred Fleece
    €140.00 €140.00
  19. Men's Oliver Half Button Shirt Model Image
  20. Men's Downsouse Organic Cotton T-Shirt
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20 Items

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