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New Men's Clothing

New Men's Clothing, crafted for a lifetime of adventures. Discover soft knitwear and jackets as well as shirts, T-shirts and waterproof coats in colours and textures lifted from life at the edge of the land. 

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  1. Men's Curator Linen Shirt
  2. Men's Midwatch Organic Cotton T-Shirt
  3. Men's Blue Heron Printed Short Sleeve Shirt
  4. Men's Artist's Linen Shirt
  5. Men's Seven Seas Sailor Tee (GOTS)
  6. Men's Stokerman Shorts Model Image
    Men's Stokerman Shorts
    £49.95 £49.95
  7. Men's Clay Stone Organic Cotton Pullover Smock
  8. Men's Loggerhead Organic Cotton T-Shirt
  9. Men's Carne Short Sleeve Linen Shirt Model Image
  10. Men's Carreck Pigment-Dyed T-Shirt Model Image
  11. Men's Weaverman Shorts Model Image
    Men's Weaverman Shorts
    £59.95 £59.95
  12. Men's Riggerman Trousers Model Image
  13. Men's Treve Organic Cotton Polo Image
  14. Men's Bolitho Organic Cotton Sweatshirt Model Image
  15. Men's Skylight Cave Short Sleeve Shirt Model Image
  16. Men's Tollgate Jacket
    Men's Tollgate Jacket
    £99.95 £99.95
  17. Men's Sailor Shirt With Crew Neck (GOTS)
  18. Men's Tillerman Organic Cotton Cargo Shorts Model Image
  19. Men's Organic Cotton Canvas Tompot Jacket
  20. Men's Lighterman Organic Cotton Shorts
  21. Men's Porlock Linen Shirt Image
  22. Men's Banyan Checked Cotton Shirt
  23. Men's Wood Moss Quarter Zip Sweatshirt Model Image
  24. Men's Barwis jacket Model Image
    Men's Barwis jacket
    £85.95 £85.95
  25. Men's Groundsman Organic Cotton Trousers Model Image
  26. Men's Herdsman Organic Cotton Rugby Top
  27. Men's Foundry Overshirt Jacket Model Image
  28. Men's Moorstone Knitted Organic Cotton Jumper (GOTS) Model Image
  29. Men's Anthony Printed Linen Shirt Model Image
  30. Men's Trewavas Short Sleeve Shirt (GOTS) Image
  31. Men's Blue Heron Striped Short Sleeve Shirt
  32. Men's Doyden Point Long Sleeve Shirt
  33. Men's Sailor Shirt (GOTS)
  34. Men's Towen Organic Cotton Blazer Image
  35. Men's Helmsman Trouser Image
    Men's Helmsman Trouser
    £79.95 £79.95
  36. Men's Sailing Time Lightweight Waterproof Jacket
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Items 1-36 of 59

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