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April | Creeks & Waterways

A collection of cool colours, fluid prints and laidback silhouettes. 


In April, the quiet banks of Cornwall's Helford River are warmed by spring sunshine. A gentle breeze ripples through leafy trees and wooden boats sway on the water. 

These warmer days are a chance to pare back your wardrobe to the pieces you absolutely love. Minimal outfits, with easy silhouettes and simple accessories, are often the ones that have the most impact. 

Embrace flowing patterns or yarn-dyed checks in holiday blues, rudder reds and riverbank greens. Wave hello to head-to-toe stripes, or complement fluid dresses and playful co-ords with a splash of print. 

Choose the styles that bring you joy, in colours that bring the sunshine, and get ready for your most vibrant summer yet. 

From the Sketchbook

In the studio, our print designers have referenced water patterns and ripples to create a collection of fluid, freehand prints.  

There are two colour stories running through the collection, the first is a modern take on the classic red, white and blue colour palette that pays homage to our nautical heritage.  

This design was inspired by camellia flowers drifting on the water’s surface.  I used ink and a small paint brush to create fluid lines to reflect that movement of the flowers floating over the water

Alice, Seasalt Print Designer

The palette is calm and refined with hazy blues and soft pinks to add lightness. Timeless pieces are crafted with premium cotton and linen, updated with bold abstract prints that reflect the textures and forms found on retro natural science journals.  

Inspired by the rippling water down on the Helford River, I painted these flowing lines on a really big scale using huge sheets of paper and inks so I could really capture the movement of the water.

Alice, Seasalt Print Designer

Timbre Shirt in Tide Lines Chalk (coming soon)

The second colour story is filled with soft tidal tones. Helford River green is balanced by soft sea mist and sandy neutrals, painting a picture of calm Cornish creeks. Throughout the palette, shades of clover pink pop through in storytelling prints and soothing yarn-dyes. Botanical seaweed prints are an alternative to florals, with detailed sketches and watercolour brushstrokes reflected straight from sketchbook pages to fabric. 

Designed to have a collaged quality to it, I made this print using cut-out shapes to evoke the colours of seaweed caught in shafts of light filtering through water.

Lucy, Seasalt Print Designer

Wheal Pool Cardigan in Mast | Cliff Road Skirt in Kelp Forest Chalk (coming soon)

Styled by Seasalt

This collection is characterised by quality, breathable fabrics and relaxed shapes. Designed for those laidback days as spring turns to summer, there’s an optimism to the range that has us excited for the warm weather ahead. 

Co-ord sets are our go-to for effortlessly elevated looks. From contrasting stripes to our new organic cotton terry cloth, matching colours is an easy way to pull together confident, cohesive looks.  

Sister Ship Terry Towelling Top | Skua Terry Towelling Shorts (coming soon)

Designed with breathability in mind, our new terry cloth sets have a casual beachwear feel that's perfect for summer.

Cathryn, Seasalt Womenswear Designer 

Linen is a natural choice for warmer days. Woven with fibres derived from the flax plant, the material is cool, light, airy and breathable - perfect for warmer days. It’s always been a key part of our range and, over the years, we've perfected the way we design and craft our pieces to get the most from the fabric.  

Part of this process involves garment-dyeing, which means the linen is sewn first and then dyed as a whole. The pieces go into a big drum vat with the dye and the tumbling process creates that soft, rich surface. 

We particularly love the way the seams take colour. You get these nice highs and lows. This lovely texture.

Laura Watson, Chief Creative Officer 

In The Holiday Shop, you'll find a capsule of packing list essentials for your summer getaway. The edit has been carefully outfitted, designed to take you from beach to bar with a balance of essential basics and versatile pieces. It comes together in a tight colour palette that can be seamlessly mixed and matched, complete with take-everywhere accessories to complement every look. 

These colours come together across all of our prints and knits and they pair back beautifully with our rich plain linens

Laura Watson, Chief Creative Officer 

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