Men's Jackets & Waterproof Coats

Tried and tested on Cornish clifftops, our men's waterproof jackets, winter coats and lightweight waterproof styles are designed with style and performance in mind. Crafted from innovative waterproof fabrics like recycled polyester Tide Cycle® and organic cotton Tin Cloth®, they're made to last and be lived in, come rain or shine.

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  1. Men's Tidesman Waterproof Coat
  2. Men's Tin Coast Waterproof 3 in 1 Coat
  3. Men's Stone Wave Waterproof Coat Model Image
  4. Men's Gatekeeper Waterproof Puffer Coat Model Image
  5. Men's Sailing Time Lightweight Waterproof Jacket
  6. Men's Plantsman Cord Blazer Model Image
    Men's Plantsman Cord Blazer
    €155.00 €155.00
  7. Men's Ropemaker Waffle Cord Overshirt Model Image
  8. Men's Folyer Borg Fleece Gilet Model Image
  9. Men's Havener Fleece-Lined Deck Jacket Model Image
  10. Men's Ripstop Organic Cotton Fortune Shirt
  11. Men's Rockling Wool Blend Jacket Model Image
  12. Men's Channel Wool Blend Coat Model Image
  13. Men's Chandlery Flannel Overshirt Model Image
  14. Men's Long Hundred Fleece
    Men's Long Hundred Fleece
    €140.00 €140.00
  15. Men's Tollgate Jacket
    Men's Tollgate Jacket
    €140.00 €140.00
  16. Men's Quilted Palomer Gilet
  17. Men's Trelew Smock
    Men's Trelew Smock
    €115.00 €115.00  -  €120.00
  18. Men's Organic Cotton Metern Waistcoat Image
  19. Men's Anchor Home Jacket Image
    Men's Anchor Home Jacket
    €130.00 €130.00
  20. Men's Bilander Jacket
    Men's Bilander Jacket
    €125.00 €125.00
  21. Men's Organic Cotton Canvas Tompot Jacket
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