Sale - Men's Clothing

Shop with up to 50% off in our Men's Clothing Sale and find timeless jackets, shirts and trousers in faithful fabrics shaped by Cornwall's seafaring heritage.

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  1. Men's Sidestone Cotton Canvas Smock Model Image
  2. Men's Layline Fair Isle Jumper Image
  3. Men's Tristan Organic Cotton Shirt Image
  4. Men's Shoreman Cord Shirt Image
    Men's Shoreman Cord Shirt
    £79.95 £27.50  -  £39.95
  5. Men's Polventon Fair Isle Jumper Model Image
  6. Men's Midwatch Organic Cotton T-Shirt Image
    Men's Midwatch Organic Cotton T-Shirt
    £29.95 £12.95  -  £17.95
  7. Men's Fathomer Checked Shirt Image
    Men's Fathomer Checked Shirt
    £69.95 £29.95  -  £55.95
  8. Men's Cannis Cord Shirt Image
  9. Men's Steersman Organic Cotton Straight Leg Jeans Image
  10. Men's Ayre Organic Cotton Shirt
  11. Men's Watchman Jeans
  12. Men's Organic Cotton Thomas Street Shirt Image
  13. Men's Sailor Shirt With Crew Neck (GOTS) Model Image
  14. Men's Ropemaker Waffle Cord Overshirt Image
  15. Men's Loggerhead Organic Cotton T-Shirt Image
  16. Men's Stonework Organic Cotton Shirt Image
  17. Men's Trelew Smock Image
    Men's Trelew Smock
    £42.95 £89.95
  18. Men's Rivalen Organic Cotton Shirt Image
  19. Men's Bizen Jumper Image
    Men's Bizen Jumper
    £52.95 £95.00
  20. Men's Moorstone Knitted Organic Cotton Jumper (GOTS) Model Image
  21. Men's Boulder Perch Knitted Vest Image
  22. Men's Wheelwright Ribbed Lambswool Blend Jumper Image
  23. Men's Mainbrace Organic Cotton V-Neck Jumper Image
  24. Men's Daver Shawl Neck Jumper Image
  25. Men's Trevothen Short Sleeve Pyjama Set Image
  26. Men's Cleer Lambswool Blend Cardigan Image
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26 Items

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