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Handcrafted prints and colourful stripes, and more styles in responsible fabrics than ever before. Timeless dresses, effortless tops, classic trousers and drapey skirts inspired by Cornwall.

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  1. Alabaster Yarn Dye Check Midi Dress Model Image
  2. Wild Bouquet Jersey Dress
  3. Salt Air Linen Jumpsuit
  4. Poisson Jersey Top (GOTS)
  5. Rose Trellis Wide Leg Jumpsuit
  6. Colour Study Top
    Colour Study Top
    £47.95 £47.95
  7. Merrivale Linen Culottes Image
  8. Pier View Jersey Dress
    Pier View Jersey Dress
    £59.95 £32.95  -  £59.95
  9. Lowland Heather Sleeveless Dress
  10. Blinker Linen Blazer
    Blinker Linen Blazer
    £89.95 £89.95
  11. Arame Linen Jacket
    Arame Linen Jacket
    £85.95 £85.95
  12. Sleeveless Sanderling Midi Dress Image
  13. Crellow Wrap Skirt Model Image
    Crellow Wrap Skirt
    £59.95 £59.95
  14. Rushmaker Short Sleeve Shirt
  15. Chateaux Maxi Dress
    Chateaux Maxi Dress
    £69.95 £69.95
  16. Peaceful Haven Linen Culottes
  17. Maria Organic Cotton Cardigan
  18. Enor Dress Image
  19. Beach Road Longline Linen Shirt Image
  20. Penderleith Shorts
    Penderleith Shorts
    £49.95 £49.95
  21. Sleeveless Grass Wave Linen Dress
  22. Polmanter Jersey Dress
    Polmanter Jersey Dress
    £69.95 £69.95
  23. Teaspoon Bay Sleeveless Tiered Midi Dress
  24. Cresting Waves Sleeveless Linen Dress
    Cresting Waves Sleeveless Linen Dress
    £79.95 £79.95  -  £85.95
  25. Sky Beyond Sleeveless V-Neck Dress Image
  26. Tide Clock 3/4 Sleeve Tunic
  27. Oleander Blouson Sleeve T-shirt (GOTS) Model Image
  28. Levan Well Denim Jacket Image
  29. Feather Star Checked Top
  30. Tremayne Quay Jersey Top
    Tremayne Quay Jersey Top
    £27.95 £27.95  -  £29.95
  31. Salt Air Linen Playsuit Model Image
  32. Watercolour Sketch Top Image
  33. Rosa Sleeveless V-neck Jersey Dress
  34. Even Keel Organic Cotton Striped Shirt Model Image
  35. Moresk Wide Leg Trousers
  36. Sweet Day Cotton Cardigan
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Items 1-36 of 324

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