Gifts for Him

Our gifts for him are carefully crafted for comfort, practicality and durability. Browse our playfully patterned bamboo-derived viscose socks, workwear-inspired jackets and handy accessories for gift ideas.

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  1. Men's Midwatch Organic Cotton T-Shirt
  2. Men's Artist's Linen Shirt
  3. Men's Curator Linen Shirt
    Men's Curator Linen Shirt
    €98.00 €98.00
  4. Men's Tollgate Jacket
    Men's Tollgate Jacket
    €140.00 €140.00
  5. Men's Box O' Socks Image
  6. Men's Step Into The Blue Socks Box Of 4
  7. Men's Bamboo Arty Socks Model Image
    Men's Arty Socks
    €12.00 €12.00
  8. Men's Drover Organic Cotton Jumper Image
  9. Men's Sailor Shirt With Crew Neck (GOTS) Model Image
  10. Men's Arty Socks Image
  11. Men's Sailor Socks Model Image
    Men's Sailor Socks
    €12.00 €12.00
  12. Men's Thresher Knitted Cardigan Model Image
  13. Men's Fitcher Knitted Jumper Model Image
    Men's Fitcher Knitted Jumper
    €130.00 €130.00
  14. Men's Potter Robe Model Image
    Men's Potter Robe
    €93.00 €93.00
  15. Men's Anchor Home Jacket Image
    Men's Anchor Home Jacket
    €130.00 €130.00
  16. Men's Fair Isle Walt Vest Image
    Men's Fair Isle Walt Vest
    €110.00 €110.00
  17. Men's Sailor Shirt (GOTS)
    Men's Sailor Shirt (GOTS)
    €42.00 €42.00
  18. Men's Fair Isle Socks
    Men's Fair Isle Socks
    €24.00 €24.00
  19. Men's Talwyn Fair Isle Snood Model Image
  20. Men's Organic Cotton Striped Sailor T-Shirt
  21. Men's Boatswain Lambswool Blend Jumper Model Image
  22. Men's Shoreman Cord Shirt
    Men's Shoreman Cord Shirt
    €115.00 €115.00
  23. Men's House Socks Image
    Men's House Socks
    €40.00 €40.00
  24. Men's Cabin Socks
    Men's Cabin Socks
    €19.00 €19.00
  25. Men's Polventon Fair Isle Jumper
  26. Northaway Men's Fair Isle Fleece Lined Slipper Boots Model Image
  27. Men's Freeboard Rib Beanie Hat Model Image
  28. Men's Postcard Socks Box O'4 Image
  29. Men's Gunvor Fair Isle Fingerless Gloves Model Image
  30. Gift Box of Men's Fluffies Socks
  31. Men's Postcard Socks
    Men's Postcard Socks
    €12.00 €12.00
  32. Gift Box of Men's Sailor Socks
  33. Men's Tin Coast Waterproof 3 in 1 Coat
  34. Men's Bradstone Leather Card Wallet
  35. Gift Box of 4 Men's Stormy Seas Socks
  36. Box of 4 Men's Socks Selection Pack
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Items 1-36 of 54

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