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Seasalt Shop Loyalty Card

Collect stamps for orders of £50 and redeem in any Seasalt shop.



Earn 1 stamp for every £50 you spend in one transaction.



You can collect stamps in any UK Seasalt shop.



When you’ve collected 5 stamps, we’ll give you a £20 Gift Card.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Seasalt Shop Loyalty Card work?

  1. Pick up your card in any UK Seasalt shop (excluding outlets)
  2. Collect stamps by...
    Signing up for the first time. We’ll start you off with a free welcome stamp.
    Shopping! Earn 1 stamp for every £50 you spend in one transaction.
  3. When you’ve collected 5 stamps, we’ll give you a £20 Gift Card.

Stay tuned for special events, exclusively for loyalty card holders.

How can I redeem my loyalty card?

Please take your Seasalt Shop Loyalty Cards into any UK Seasalt Shop (excluding outlets). We’ll give you a £20 Gift Card for every 5 stamps collected. You can claim loyalty stamps for up to 4 online orders or transactions at any one time by visiting a Seasalt shop.  

Please take copies of your delivery note/ order numbers/ receipts with you. To claim loyalty stamps for 5 or more online orders/ transactions, e-mail Please see Loyalty Terms & Conditions for more information. 

Can I claim stamps on previous purchases?

We’ll give you stamps for anything bought up to 28 days before you got your loyalty card. Bring your loyalty card and receipts to any UK Seasalt Shop (excluding outlets) to claim them. 

Can my Seasalt Shop Loyalty card be used online?

If you placed an order online, bring your despatch note into any UK Seasalt shop and we’ll give you a stamp. We are trying to encourage visits to our stores, as part of our commitment to the high street. 

Can my Seasalt Shop Loyalty card be used in other shops?

No, our Seasalt Shop Loyalty Cards are for use in UK Seasalt shops only (excluding outlets). 

What if I forget my Seasalt Shop Loyalty Card?

No problem, simply bring it in with your receipt next time you’re passing. 

Does my Seasalt Shop Loyalty Card have an expiry date?

No, you can collect stamps on your Seasalt Shop Loyalty Card until it is full! 

Have more questions about the Seasalt Shop Loyalty Card?

Take a look at our FAQs or contact our friendly Customer Service team in Cornwall.

Seasalt Shop Loyalty Card Terms and Conditions.