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Review Guidelines

We design our clothes, accessories and homeware with our customers in mind, and hope you love your purchases and enjoy shopping with us. Reviews help us to improve your experiences, design better collections and help other shoppers too. We value your thoughts.


  • Explain why: The best reviews include not only whether you liked or disliked a product or shopping experience, but also why. If you’re reviewing a product, feel free to talk about features, material, fit or compare to another product. Tips on how you wear or style it are also useful.
  • Use images and video: This might be a way to show how you’re using your product or highlight a particular feature, for example. Just make sure to follow our Acceptable Use Policy [link] to make sure images and video are appropriate.
  • Be sincere: We welcome your honest opinion about the product, positive and negative. We do not remove reviews if they are critical.


We want our site to be a safe place for everyone. We reserve the right to refuse or remove reviews that do not comply with our Acceptable Use Policy or consider inappropriate.

Customer feedback is really important to us, so we hope to hear from you soon.