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Seasalt CornwallSeasalt Cornwall

Packaging that’s better for the planet

We’re working hard to reduce our waste - increasing the use of sustainable materials and packaging has been a major focus for us.


In 2018, we undertook a series of major projects such as swapping the plastic in our now fully recyclable packaging for more environmentally friendly alternatives. As a result, we’ve removed 18 tonnes of single-use plastic from the business every year.

Seasalt CornwallSeasalt Cornwall


Since making the conversion in 2018, we’ve removed plastic hooks and tags from 138 styles a year (or 63,208 products), replacing them with card or string alternatives.

We’ve also replaced plastic used in labelling with a sustainable paper alternative, saving 49.2kg of plastic per year.

Seasalt CornwallSeasalt Cornwall


Under another project, approximately 1,050 pieces of plastic vinyl used for promotional messaging each year have been converted to reusable or recyclable plastic-free alternatives. This includes:

  • 840 vinyl sale banners now use reusable cotton canvas hanging banners – hung on wooden poles using natural jute and ethically-sourced Nutscene twine.
  • 210 promotional vinyls are now recyclable cards to stand or hang in windows, or stencils for use on glass.
Seasalt CornwallSeasalt Cornwall


Instead of using plastic pallet wrap for internal transfers between our warehouses, we use reusable tarpaulin hoods.


Cardboard and plastic from our warehouse are collected by our recycling partners to be given a second life. There are also recycling points in our studios and offices, for everything from cans to crisp packets.

Any plastic polybags used in our business have been changed to recyclable plastic. These bags protect our products as they are shipped between our suppliers, warehouse and shops, but they’re removed before the products are sent to customers to guarantee that they are properly recycled. The bags are sent to our recycling partners who convert them into plastic pellets, which are sold on to produce new products.

Seasalt CornwallSeasalt Cornwall