Fair Isle Knitwear 

Find Fair Isle jumpers, knitted vests, cardigans, socks and more in vibrant colours picked from Cornwall's woodland and coast. Our Fair Isle knitwear is now made with responsibly sourced wool and recycled fibre blends for beautiful style that should last season after season. 

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  1. Camber Rocks Jumper
    Camber Rocks Jumper
    £85.95 £85.95
  2. Lemon Porch Fair Isle Jumper Model Image
  3. Lemon Porch Fair Isle Knitted Vest
  4. Holly Blue Fair Isle Cardigan Model Image
  5. Percella Cove Fair Isle Knitted Vest
  6. Percella Cove Fair Isle Jumper
  7. Coupling Fair Isle Knitted Vest
  8. Buck's Horn Jumper Image
    Buck's Horn Jumper
    £85.95 £85.95
  9. Touchstone Snood
    Touchstone Snood
    £39.95 £39.95
  10. Early Bird Fair Isle Beret
  11. Malva Fingerless Mittens
  12. Bramble Jelly Beret
    Bramble Jelly Beret
    £29.95 £29.95
  13. Falling Light Snood
    Falling Light Snood
    £39.95 £39.95
  14. Percella Cove Fair Isle Cardigan Model Image
  15. Seas Edge Jumper Image
    Seas Edge Jumper
    £85.95 £85.95
  16. Buck's Horn Cardigan
    Buck's Horn Cardigan
    £89.95 £89.95
  17. Berlewen Fair Isle Jumper Image
  18. Snooze Slipper Booties
    Snooze Slipper Booties
    £39.95 £39.95
  19. Sea Hawk Soft Knitted Slippers
  20. Coppicing Fingerless Gloves
  21. Women's Fair Isle Socks
  22. Partridge Fair Isle Vest Image
  23. Durloe Fair Isle Knitted Vest Image
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23 Items

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