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Gifts for family and friends, with love from Cornwall. Discover stylish scarves, bags and statement jewellery, as well as super soft socks for women and men in breathable natural fabrics.

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  1. Ley Lines Socks
 Model Image
    Ley Lines Socks
    £12.00 £12.00
  2. Glass Stem Sparkly Roll Neck Jumper Model Image
  3. Foldaway Shopper Image
    Foldaway Shopper
    £10.00 £10.00
  4. Needle Tip Mohair Blend Beret Model Image
  5. Women's Bloomin' Good Wool Socks Model Image
  6. Coupling Fair Isle Knitted Vest
  7. Women's House Socks
    Women's House Socks
    £19.95 £19.95
  8. Early Bird Fair Isle Beret
  9. Halvana Drop Earrings Model Image
    Halvana Drop Earrings
    £35.95 £35.95
  10. Laren Phone Pouch
    Laren Phone Pouch
    £35.95 £35.95
  11. Woven Sea Fan Leather Cross-Body Bag Image
  12. Maram Beaded Necklace Model Image
    Maram Beaded Necklace
    £29.95 £29.95
  13. Treetops Bead Necklace Image
    Treetops Bead Necklace
    £27.95 £27.95
  14. Night Ships Crossover Slippers
  15. Basketry Silver Tone Chain Necklace Model Image
  16. Annulet Leather and Suede Bag
  17. Barley Ceramic Bead Earrings Model Image
  18. Seasalt Gift Card - Herring
  19. Whinchat Gold Tone Stud Earrings Model Image
  20. Chestnut Gold Tone Hoop Earrings Model Image
  21. Collan Beaded Necklace Model Image
    Collan Beaded Necklace
    £29.95 £29.95
  22. Mor Glan Beaded Necklace Model Image
  23. Halvana Pendant Necklace Model Image
  24. Whear Geometric Bead Necklace Image
  25. Tudy Geometric Drop Earrings
  26. Barley Beaded Necklace Model Image
    Barley Beaded Necklace
    £27.95 £27.95
  27. Collan Earrings Model Image
    Collan Earrings
    £25.95 £25.95
  28. Men's Early Point Pyjama Bottoms Image
  29. Men's Tope Jumper
    Men's Tope Jumper
    £99.95 £99.95
  30. Men's Ripstop Organic Cotton Fortune Shirt
  31. Men's Ottoman Organic Cotton Pyjama Set Model Image
  32. Men's Artist's Linen Shirt
  33. Men's Bradstone Leather Card Wallet
  34. Men's Chy Ridge Checked Pyjama Bottoms Image
  35. Men's Netter Checked Flannel Pyjama Set Model Image
  36. Men's Gunwalloe Cable Knit Scarf Model Image
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Items 73-108 of 140

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