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Pretty scarves, versatile bags and statement jewellery to bring a touch of colour to your wardrobe.


Flower Harvest Headband Image
Flower Harvest Headband
From €19.00 Regular Price €19.00
Wild Violet Necklace Model Image
Wild Violet Necklace
Regular Price €56.00 From €56.00  -  To €63.00
Seed Sow Stud Earrings Model Image
Seed Sow Stud Earrings
€49.00 €49.00


Maritime florals, dynamic prints and nautical stripes on lightweight scarves and soft cotton shawls. Beautifully made bags and baskets in natural materials. One of a kind jute shopping bags that you just won't find anywhere else. And quite possibly the best bamboo socks you'll ever find.

All the little essentials you need to finish a new spring outfit