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Our women’s clothing sale is now on. Pick up your Seasalt Sale favourites for less, including our signature Sailor Tops, or discover something new, with soft jersey and woven styles in breathable natural fabrics, artist-designed prints and coastal colours.

We aren't currently running our sale at the moment, however you can sign up to become a Seasalt Friend to be the first to know about the next one.

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  1. Deep Water Tiered Dress Image
  2. Appletree Short Sleeve Top Model Image
  3. Seed Packet Short Sleeve Midi Dress Image
  4. Knavock Striped Jumper Image
    Knavock Striped Jumper
    £42.95 £65.00
  5. Colour Study Top Image
    Colour Study Top
    £25.95 £45.00
  6. Belle Fit-and-flare Midi Dress Image
  7. En Plein Air Linen Culottes Image
  8. Clear Bloom Jacket Image
    Clear Bloom Jacket
    £47.95 £79.95
  9. Carved Wood Linen Dress Image
    Carved Wood Midi Dress
    £37.95 £79.95
  10. Garden Gate Cotton Top Image
    Garden Gate Cotton Top
    £32.95 £42.95
  11. Soft Shading Linen Tunic Image
  12. Hart Fern Midi Dress Image
    Hart Fern Midi Dress
    £39.95 £75.00
  13. Film Stock Jersey Jumpsuit Image
  14. Tresillian Walk Smocked Dress Image
  15. Cobbs Well Sleeveless Top Image
  16. Autumn Wreath Dress Image
    Autumn Wreath Dress
    £27.50 £89.95
  17. Shore Shape Checked Top Image
  18. Hollyhock Velvet Dress Image
    Hollyhock Velvet Dress
    £62.50 £115.00
  19. Curlew Call Midi Dress Image
    Curlew Call Midi Dress
    £55.00 £79.95
  20. Rock Dove Maxi Dress Image
    Rock Dove Maxi Dress
    £25.00 £79.95
  21. Southern Sun Denim Midi Dress Model Image
  22. Cloudscape Midi Dress Image
    Cloudscape Midi Dress
    £47.50 £79.95
  23. Pebble Comb Double Cloth Dress Image
  24. Magnolia Bloom Checked Dress Image
  25. Coastal Flower Midi Dress Image
  26. Rose Trellis Wide Leg Jumpsuit Image
  27. Riviera Fit-and-flare Jersey Dress Image
  28. Talent V-neck T-Shirt Image
    Talent V-neck T-Shirt
    £19.95 £25.00
  29. Treen Cove Linen Jumpsuit Image
  30. Penderleith Linen Shorts Image
    Penderleith Shorts
    £27.95 £49.95
  31. Halldrine Jersey Dress Image
    Halldrine Jersey Dress
    £32.95 £59.95
  32. Sun Gleam Jersey Midi Dress Image
  33. Wild Plum Jersey Dress Image
    Wild Plum Jersey Dress
    £39.95 £69.95
  34. Men's Midwatch Organic Cotton T-Shirt Image
  35. Men's Seven Seas Sailor Tee Image
    Men's Seven Seas Sailor Tee (GOTS)
    £29.95 £12.50  -  £19.95
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Items 73-107 of 107

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