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How To Style Red | Zeena Shah  

The stylist, presenter, author and dopamine dresser shares her tips on wearing this season's brightest shade.


From the catwalk to the high street, red has been popping up absolutely everywhere this season. Having just returned from Copenhagen Fashion Week, I can confirm it’s not going anywhere.  

As a colour enthusiast and regular dopamine dresser here are my tips on how to bring more colour into your wardrobe and style this season’s trendiest shade. 

Zeena wears: Porthallow Cove Dunagrees, Farsight Top, Woven Sea Fan Cross Body Bag

Zeena wears: Lavant Mor Shirt, Blake Jeans, Sailor Square

Dressing for Joy

If you haven’t heard of the term ‘Dopamine Dressing’, then let me introduce you to your new best friend: colour. It has the power to boost your mood and the dopamine levels in your body giving you an immediate lift. 

If you think about the way colour makes you feel, you’ll start to notice the effects certain shades may have on you. Blues and greens are calming and remind us of being in nature; reds and oranges are much more energetic colours and can give us a boost when we’re feeling low. By simply adding a little (or a lot) of colour you can bring joy and create a positive effect on your mood. 

Start Small

If you’re still on the path to finding your colour confidence, then I’d recommend starting small. I don’t love the idea of trends that encourage waste, but what trends can do is give you the confidence to try new things. That’s why leaning into a pop of primary red is always going to be a style winner.  

Red is also so incredibly chic and timeless: think of all the fabulous Parisiennes wearing a pop of red lipstick and a red handbag. Start small and grow your confidence. It might be a red pair of socks one day, red nail polish the next, then a red handbag. Before you know it, you’ll be in a head-to-toe red look – which is one of my favourite ways to wear colour. 

Zeena wears: Sailor Top, Tepel Vest, Cliff Picnic Jeans

On rail: Cloudburst Mac, Tern Tide Cardigan, Hazel Brand Shirt, Forest Ridge Cardigan

Colour Block

I love a formula when it comes to getting dressed. There’s nothing worse than that ‘I have nothing to wear’ feeling and so I like to have a few ‘uniforms’ up my sleeve.  

I love colour blocking with contrasting or tonal shades as an easy way to build an exciting, playful and unique look. This time of year is the perfect opportunity to pair two of my favourite shades: pink and red.  

Top to Toe

If you’ve mastered the art of wearing colour, then this is a great way to style red: opt for a full red look. Make sure the tones are similar, or contrast enough – for example, a primary red and a burgundy will look divine together. 

Have fun and enjoy yourself, getting dressed should bring you joy and is a form of self-expression. Life is too short not to live in colour! 


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Written by Zeena Shah

Zeena Shah is a stylist, author and presenter. Known for celebrating all things bold, bright and joyful, she is a true colour expert and a big believer in dressing for fun.