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Seasalt CornwallSeasalt Cornwall

The road to carbon net zero

Seasalt became one of the first fashion brands to sign up to the British Retail Consortium (BRC) Climate Action Roadmap in 2020.


As Seasalt has grown, so too has our dedication to behaving responsibly. But with the climate crisis becoming more critical with each year, we know our choices matter now more than ever.

That's why we're setting clear science-based targets to help reduce our carbon emissions to net zero within 20 years. It’s also why we signed up to the BRC Climate Action Roadmap. The roadmap brings together more than 60 retailers to work with suppliers, the government and other stakeholders to collectively deliver on net zero targets across the retail industry by 2040.

Seasalt CornwallSeasalt Cornwall

The BRC will support retailers by highlighting requirements from government, with the following milestones proposed for reduction to zero emissions:

SCOPE 1: 2035

Direct emissions from retailers’ owned or controlled sources. Examples include fuels for heating, logistics and refrigeration gases.

SCOPE 2: 2030

Indirect emissions from the generation of energy purchased by retail businesses.

SCOPE 3: 2040

Indirect emissions (not included in scope 2) that occur in the value chain of retail businesses, including both upstream and downstream emissions (including supply chain, logistics and customer related emissions).

To achieve net zero, we’ll be pursuing five pathways in collaboration with other retailers, as recommended by the BRC. These pathways have been designed to highlight the role of the retail industry alongside requirements from government to enable the decarbonisation journey. You can find out more on the BRC website, here.

Seasalt CornwallSeasalt Cornwall